Progress on Sands of Death

Progress on Sands of Death


So, it has been quiet about progress on Sands of Death for a while around here. There is a simple reason why – I have been editing like a madman. The final manuscript for Sands of Death weighed in at over 112,000 words and is currently going through an editing process, to be followed by a revision. I’m using The Story Grid which is a fantastic system for editing a work before the revision/rewrite process developed by Shawn Coyne. If self-editing is your weak link, grab the book, listen to the podcast, and you’ll be editing like crazy in no time.

My editor is waiting for the final revisions to be made and then will accept the novel. Once I have it back, the final final revisions will be made and I will begin shopping for a publisher to place my book in. There has been a number of resources I’ve used to get this far, and I will eventually make a post that lists them all. Also, stay tuned for a post containing the first part of the background for the universe the novel is set in. It went out to the mailing list in November, so the easiest way to get this kind of special content is to sign up today. No ads, no spam, just writing and news.


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