Progress on Sands of Death

Progress on Sands of Death, editing advice, and what resources are available for the independent author.

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Manuscript Finally Polished And Ready?

Next Steps For Your Manuscript So now that you have a manuscript in your hands that has been de-stinkified, polished, revised, and edited, what do you do with it? Well, there’s always the option of putting it in your desk drawer, going back to work at your day job, and wondering you your writing is good enough to be read. All authors struggle with self-doubt and the problem of whether your manuscript is any good. There are really two paths you can go down at this point unless you’ve reached the bottom of that bottle of rum or whiskey. Find an Agent for your Manuscript Ah, the agent route....

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Your Writing Stinks

Your writing stinks and so does mine. Here’s something you can do about it besides putting your manuscript in the washing machine.

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