Worldbuilding for Sands of Death

Here is the first installment of the worldbuilding document for my new trilogy. Sands of Death is the first novel set in the universe that I’ve designed. I’m starting to release the worldbuilding information and some of the backstory to my mailing list already. As the novel gets closer to publication, I will be releasing more information here. To get this kind of content early, I would suggest joining the mailing list. The subscribers received this document four months previously and you could too! Sign up for news, information, updates, and the occasional piece of short fiction. The worldbuilding document can be downloaded in pdf format here: Sands of War Worldbuilding Part One

Whenever an author is writing a novel in speculative fiction, the world that is created has to be internally consistent with regard to its own internal rules. This document, the ones that follow, and the short story prequel that is available to subscribers are all working towards creating that internal consistency and rules within which the characters must operate and survive. Worldbuilding can be a fantastic process which lays the groundwork for the story you are telling. Hopefully, you enjoy these pieces as I release them.


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